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Good Way to Clean a DPF Filter

Cobra Clean Degreaser

How to Clean A DPF Filter

Clock Time: 12hrs

Personnel Time: 1 hr(s)

Savings: $400/burn, $2600/replace


Dirty DPF Filter

Rinse both ends with water hose in wash area removing loose large deposits.

Get a 30 gallon Plastic Drum, or a 15 gallon Plastic Bin if your filter will fit laying down in it.

Use 2 Bricks or 2" square tubing to place on the bottom of drum to set the DPF Filter on. A steel rack can also be used.

Place DPF filter on top of rack and fill with Cobra Clean. You want enough Cobra Clean to completely submerge the DPF filter.

Let soak over night.

Next day remove filter and place in wash area. Flush with water hose and spray nozzle until clean. Make sure to flush from both sides.

Let filter dry on a pallet or blow dry with a shop vac.

Replace filter and take the crew to Steak House on money saved.



  • Use nitrile or vinyl gloves for hand protection.
  • Use standard shop eye protection.
  • Cobra Clean is non-caustic, non-acidic, and biodegradable.
  • Cobra Clean will not burn skin or clothing, but we recommend using protection due to potential skin sensitivity.
  • Use in a ventilated area.
  • Allow equipment to cool before cleaning.
  • Dispose of sludge and waste water properly.
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